EnvoLab Lab was founded in 2017 based in Dispilio Kastoria in a suitably landscaped area of ​​180 m2 and its facilities are fully equipped with modern laboratory equipment, while meeting all safety and hygiene standards.
Aiming at the continuous improvement and high quality of service of the EnvoLab workshop:

  • It has been accredited since 2019 according to the standard ELOT EN ISO / IEC 17025 by the NATIONAL ACCREDITATION COUNCIL (ESYD) under No. Certificate. 1157
  • Participates in interlaboratory programs at specified intervals
  • It has excellent internal control
  • Performs regular calibration of equipment.

The laboratory in its sub-sections: soil, chemical, microbiological, has a complete infrastructure of laboratory equipment with modern instruments and apparatus to meet the requirements of analyzes included in the range of its services.

ndicatively, for the chemical section the following are mentioned:
  1. Digital spectrophotometers
  2. Electronic pH meters
  3. COD measuring device
  4. Thermocouple
  5. Distillers
  6. Rotary evaporator
  7. Electronic conductometers
  8. Electronic opacimeter
  9. Electronic precision scales
  10. Crematory Furnace
  11. Water activity measuring device
For the microbiological section the following are indicative:
  1. Incubators
  2. Incubator refrigerators
  3. Dry sterilized ovens
  4. Liquid sterilization autoclaves
  5. Filament flow chamber
  6. Complete water filtration system
  7. Automatic colony counters
  8. Auxiliary Devices (Homogenization, Stirring, Heating)

In addition to the above instruments, the laboratory has apparatus and micro-organisms necessary for the proper conduct of sampling, chemical and microbiological analyzes (refrigerators, freezers, water baths, thermocouples, distillers and water demineralizers, electroplating water columns, consumables, chemical reagents, portable refrigerators, etc.).