Employee Training

With its specialized and accredited staff (it has trainers registered in the EFET Register for the training of food business staff & “Health and Food Safety”), the “EnvoLab” laboratory carries out, as required by the EFET (Single Enquirer) Food) training of business staff on hygiene and food safety.

More specifically, it provides specialized training programs that help food business workers gain practical knowledge of:
  1. Food hygiene and control
  2. Safe food handling
  3. Safe nutrition services
  4. The hygiene of the food handler
  5. Good food manufacturing practices
  6. Food safety management procedures
  7. Certification of quality management systems
  8. Requirements for compliance with regulations and legislation
Our seminars include and analyze topics such as:
  1. Introduction to food safety
  2. Microorganisms and their characteristics
  3. Feed poisons and their prevention
  4. Food hygiene and behavior of the food handler
  5. The Working Environment
  6. Cleaning practices
  7. Food legislation