Internal Hygiene Audits

What is;

Internal audit refers to the self-audit performed by an enterprise to verify the correct and effective implementation of the management system it has developed.

Target Audience;

It applies to all companies that apply a management system and wish or are required to carry out internal audits.

Internal audit is usually conducted once a year. Factors such as the degree to which staff are familiar with the requirements of the management system and the complexity of procedures are likely to lead the company to conduct more frequent inspections.

Internal auditing can be carried out by company staff who have the appropriate training and training, but working with qualified and experienced auditors will ensure the objectivity and effectiveness of the audit.

The ” EnvoLab ” laboratory performs the planned internal inspections as part of the implementation of quality systems.

How is it implemented?

Internal audits are carried out by following these steps: The internal audit program is planned and communicated to the audited departments It is verified that the management system is designed to the requirements of the relevant standard Verify the implementation of the procedures and maintain the records of the management system by the departments involved by visiting the relevant departments, interviewing staff and monitoring their processes The suitability of the plant and equipment is verified

Implementation Benefits

The Benefits of Conducting Internal Audits are:

  • Compliance with International Standard Requirements
  • Compliance with Legal & Regulations.
  • The ability to identify and identify the Company’s weaknesses
  • Informing the management of the company about the effectiveness of the implementation of the management system
  • Identifying points that can be improved.
  • Staff perception of the importance of implementing the management system
  • The recognition of the efficiency of the management system in relation to the requirements and objectives of the enterprise.
  • Preparing the business for its system inspection by a Certification Body or any other interested party